onsite stormwater tank waterproofing

OSD Tank Waterproofing.

OSD (Onsite Storm Water Tanks) often have car parks adjacent or below them. A leaking OSD tank can stop your building project passing final certification. 


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The Waterproofing Specialists are experts at stopping water.

We use multiple products which adhere and set under water or on saturated substrates.

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The OSD tanks pictured here are above multi level car parks and has a volume of more than 216,000 Litres.

This is a very technical job due to the OSD tank being live. 

We have developed special procedures for extracting water from the tank without drilling any core holes in the slab for drainage.

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OSD tank waterproofing, If you don’t do it properly the first time, it could cost you more than double to fix it.

OSD Tank Waterproofing

Assessment: We will assess your OSD tank to see what kind of approach we will take and give you a cost for waterproofing your OSD Tank.

Preparation: Perfect preparation prevents poor performance. Any masonry prep, patching or cleaning will be done before the commencement of any membrane. 

Execution: Waterproofing membrane for OSD tanks must be applied in the correct order. Priming, speed, overlaps, fillets and bandage if needed. 


  • Cleaning all flanges for water inlet/outlet

  • Vacuuming the floor to remove excess dust. 

  • Fillets will be applied to any cold joints as necessary 

  • Flanges will be fixed to the concrete using MS Polymer

  • Masonry surfaces will be dampened for priming coat. 

  • 3x coats of waterproofing applied (minimum)
  • Flanges will be detailed from metal flange to membrane.


Compatibility of product is essential when waterproofing any OSD tank. The products used may be different for besser block, dincel or formed concrete.

Other considerations like pollutants may need to be taken into consideration.


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