Waterproofing the basements of sydney

Basement Waterproofing.

Waterproofing the basements of sydney

Basement Waterproofing.

Basement waterproofing is something we have mastered slowly over the years until it has become our specialty.

We are masters at waterproofing basements with dampness or running water. 

Basements are especially hard to waterproof due to the fact that we are usually not waterproofing a new clean substrate and there are often a lot of contaminants which prevent the membranes from sticking properly.

Another big problem with basement waterproofing is salt. If there are high quantities of salt present in the substrate then it can cause the membrane to fail. 

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Specialists in basement waterproofing!

Basement Waterproofing

Assessment: We assess each basement case by case. While there are commonalities between techniques for waterproofing a basement there are many variables to consider.

Preparation: The most important part of any basement waterproofing is preparation. Surface preparation insures that all the waterproofing products stick to the substrate as they are supposed to.

Product: We have tried them all and found the products which fail and the products that work. We know which products will dry quickly, dry under water and dry on wet substrates and sandstone.

Experience: Successful basement waterproofing comes down to experience. Knowing what to do in which order and what kind of products to use to get lasting results.

Stopping Water

Stopping water entering a basement is something that can only be learnt by waterproofing basements. There is no course or apprenticeship for how to waterproof a basement. 


Basement waterproofing is no walk in the park and while bathroom waterproofing may be as easy as using a paint brush and a roller, basement waterproofing is about as hard as waterproofing gets.

Basement Waterproofing Cost

The cost of basement waterproofing depends on the size of the basement, substrate material variables, contaminants in the substrate (like oils and grease), active water flow and area to be waterproofed. 

If you would like an idea of the cost for your basement waterproofing then we should be able to give you some kind of rough idea over the phone. For an accurate price we would need to assess your basement. 


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Rising Damp.

Rising Damp & Basement WATERPROOFING solutions

Rising Damp in Sydney is a common problem and we are specialists in rising damp. Click below to see our rising damp solutions.

Basement waterproofing is one of the most difficult types of waterproofing. We have provided solutions for the most extreme basement waterproofing.


Dincel Waterproofing

Dincel waterproofing is needed when you never want Dincel to leak. While dincel is sold as being waterproof, often it still leaks. 
We can stop Dincel leaking. 

Retaining walls or below ground walls need special treatment so the waterproofing doesn’t fail over time due to salt breaking the membrane. Learn More..

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