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Concrete Crack Injection

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Concrete Crack Injection

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Waterproofing the basements of sydney

Concrete Crack Injection Waterproofing.

Waterproofing the basements of sydney

Concrete Crack Injection Waterproofing.

Crack Injection waterproofing. .

Crack Injection

What Is Crack Injection?

Crack injection is used when there is a crack in concrete or other masonry substrate that is allowing water to a location that is not desired. 

A temporary injection port is fixed into the effected area and the crack is injected with polyurehtane or epoxy resin.

See 10L per minute of active running water get BLOCKED by a waterproofing membrane.


Please watch the video below to learn about basement waterproofing.

Waterproofing active leaking water in an old mechanics warehouse which was converted to lawyers offices.

Concrete Crack Injection Specialists.

Crack Injection

Assessment: We assess each crack injection job case by case. While there are commonalities between techniques for crack injection there are many variables to consider.

Preparation: The most important part of any concrete crack injection waterproofing is preparation. Surface preparation insures that all the waterproofing products stick to the substrate as they are supposed to.

Product: We have tried them all and found the products which fail and the products that work. We know which products will dry quickly, dry under water and dry on wet substrates and sandstone.

Experience: Concrete crack injection results come down to experience. Knowing what to do in which order and what kind of products to use to get long lasting results.

How does crack injection work?

The most commonly used injection resin is polyurethane. This is a sticky expanding hydreophobic foam that is pumped into the masonry between 1000-3000psi. 

Once the resin is inside the crack under pressure, the resin reacts with the water inside the crack expands upto 40x its original volume. 

By expanding, the crack injection product pushes its way through the smallest of crack to highly limit or block water from passing through the crack completely.

Can crack injection fail?

While the resin is very stable and has a 10 year warranty, there are situations where crack injection may not stop the water completely.

When there is oil,  salt, and other impurities in high concentrations. If the crack has been active for a long period of time, then the resin can block and stop the water BUT over time, these impurities can dissolve which allows the crack to allow water to pass through it again.

Concrete crack injection works best when the substrate is clean. This however is not always possible, so we employ other methods in combination with crack injection to stop the water.


Concrete Crack Injection Cost

The cost of crack injection depends on the size of the basement, substrate material variables, contaminants in the substrate (like oils and grease), active water flow and area to be injected. 

If you would like an idea of the cost for your concrete crack injection waterproofing then we should be able to give you some kind of rough idea over the phone. For an accurate price we would need to assess your situation. 


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