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Crack Injection Waterproofing
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Crack Injection Waterproofing
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Concrete Crack Injection Epoxy & Polyurethane Injection


Concrete Crack Injection Epoxy & Polyurethane Injection

Sydney Injection

Epoxy and polyurethane Crack injection

Basement waterproofing is one of the most difficult types of waterproofing. We have provided solutions for the most extreme basement waterproofing.

Dincel & AFS.

Dincel Waterproofing

Dincel & AFS waterproofing is needed when you never want Dincel to leak. While dincel is sold as being waterproof, often it still leaks. 
We can stop Dincel leaking. 

Concrete Epoxy & Polyurethane crack injection waterproofing. This is the injection of polyurethane or epoxy into concrete to seal cracks and stop water.

Polyurethane & Epoxy crack injection solutions TAILORed to stop your problem!

Core Values

Continued Testing: Crack injection waterproofing requires specialist solutions so we continuously test epoxy, polyurethane and basement waterproofing products to make sure we have the absolute best.

Structured Systems: We have very specific systems for basement waterproofing to make sure we get consistent predictable outcomes on every job.

Injection Waterproofing: As injection waterproofers we service the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches and many other areas of Sydney. Basement waterproofing is a bit of an art . The variables that can arise during injection waterproofing are many and each variable can make injection waterproofer’s job more complicated. Across Sydney we have seen it all and we have a solution for almost every injection waterproofing situation. See the crack injection waterproofing page to see some videos. 

Injection Waterproofing Philosophy

Our philosophy for providing Sydney’s crack injection waterproofing solutions is that “We never see our clients again”.

Injection Waterproofing is hard to do well, it takes a lot of practice and skill.

After we have completed our injection it will be a healthy liveable space!

Injection Quality

We use the most reliable (time tested) products and have specialist staff members. This means you get the best possible solution for your basement waterproofing. 

Injection Integrity

Our goal for crack injection Waterproofing is to STOP THE WATER and make our customers feel that they got the best possible result.

Making sure that leaks STOP takes proper surface preparation and the right mix of injection waterproofing products.

If you’re in Sydney then give us a call.

About Us

Basement waterproofing is a specialised trade and take skill, integrity, knowledge and care to get a finished result you can trust.

Preparation, attention to detail, product selection, environmental and construction factors in Sydney all need to be considered when dealing with basement waterproofing.

We only use the highest of quality products and application methods, adhering to BCA and AS3740, AS4858 & AS4654.

The Waterproofing Specialists will always provide the highest level of service and will adhere to the application and product specifications for each job.
We take waterproofing and will not rush our work as this can allow the circumstances for membranes to fail.

We also provide innovative solutions to “out-of-the-square” problems and circumstances.

Our Staff

Our waterproofers are highly trained specialists.

This means when you get your basement waterproofing job done with us you can feel secure that you are getting the best products applied by the highest trained waterproofers in Sydney.

Our Waterproofers never skimp on product or cut corners. This means you will get the maximum amount of rising damp product and a result guaranteed to not leak!

Membranes we apply:

  • Dincel Wall Membranes
  • Basement Wall Membranes
  • Crack Injection
  • Positive/Negative Membranes
  • Cememtitious Membranes
If you’re in Sydney then give us a call!

Questions You Should Ask

How can you choose a waterproofer you can trust?

Compare “Apples with Apples”. Make sure when you compare prices, you also compare the quantity and quality of waterproofing product. This can make a big difference to how long your waterproofing will last.

Things you should consider when choosing a waterproofer are:

  1. Are they licenced and fully trained?
  2. Has the company been to court or had any fair trading disputes in regards to failing waterproofing?
  3. Does the rising damp specialist have insurance?
  4. Does the waterproofer use the best products for basement waterproofing in Sydney?
  5. Is the waterproofer committed to Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia?


This job was done DURING the massive rain in March 2022.
This video was actually filmed on the SAME day that cars were floating down the Roseville bridge.



If you have an exceptionally difficult Basement Waterproofing job. 

It’s time to call me.

sydney! The Waterproofing Specialists are speciality waterproofers and we have a reputation for tackling the hardest of waterproofing issues and stopping water to make a building usable. 

If you have a waterproofing issue that no one can fix then please give us a call. 

Dincel and basement waterproofing generally aren’t subjects that people know a lot about.

We have injected over 112,000 litres of crack injection across sydney and waterproofed over 460 basements, some easy and some very difficult.

our website contains a lot of educational information about basement waterproofing that we have done all over sydney

take your time to read through our website and learn as much as you can about basement waterproofing.

even if you don’t choose us or you don’t take any action, you will get valuable “insider” specialist knowledge from this website so you can make clearer decisions when it comes to basement waterproofing.

sydney it’s a good idea to learn all you can about basement watperproofing before making a commitment. 

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